Five Secrets to Outstanding Relationships

“Having an outstanding relationship can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, whereas being in a toxic relationship, can be one of the most stressful things you will ever encounter.  Love is created and not found.”                                           …Manny Garcia

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Bringing Down The Wall Brick By Brick

When someone you love betrays your trust in a supposedly monogamous relationship, the shock you experience is unlike any other.  After opening your heart to the object of your affection, you are dismayed to realize that your faith was unfounded.  Unbelievably, the very person who you would have trusted with your very life has shown themselves unworthy of your confidence.  You are angry and confused, and then the real problem rears its ugly head.

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Sweaty palms, a speeding heartbeat, and an expression of pure joy were all yours to enjoy when you first met your new love interest.  Colors seemed more vivid.  Every song on the radio sounded like it was made for the two of you.  You couldn’t believe how much you had in common.  You’d never laughed so freely and loved so openly before.

The relationship soon became comfortable.  As a couple, you made mutual friends and became known as a pair.  Taking your partners feelings into consideration, you were careful to treat them with respect at all times.  More often than not, you could be found by your new mate’s side during your free time.

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