Six Essential Skills of a Sales Trainer

1. Engage with the Sales Executives to determine areas of weakness, ride with reps in the field to evaluate areas needing improvement, asks questions regarding main presentation issues (i.e. i got to think about it, having issues building value, creating urgency, overcoming time, etc.).

2. Once you determine challenged areas needing improvement, create training modules around the same and engage trainee’s through role plays, & drills, using content from training manuals in your industry to drill & rehearse until they are comfortable with the way you want them to proceed.

3. Create a measurement process, with management, to monitor and validate improvement and monitor habits leading to desired results.

4. Include a follow-up series of weekly activities (in-the-field with manager accountabilities, i.e. manager rides, role plays, strategy sessions, debriefing after each tour, etc.) lasting a minimum of 4-8 weeks after training. This will help to ensure that they are developing the correct presentation habits.

5. Plan how to arrange training so that both new hires and experienced sales reps benefit (do round table trainings where a couple top reps share their success & techniques with other experienced reps).

6. Use an experiential or facilitative training process (brainstorming, flip charts, group discussion, awards, games, etc.) as opposed to classroom lecture.

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