Oils that Can Save Your Life: Udo’s Oil 3.6.9 Blend and Others

For over a decade, the general public has been deafened by cries from the medical community warning of trans-fat and cholesterol warnings.  Recently, the American Heart Association published a report that said 90% of all Americans are now considered high risk for heart attack and stroke and that cholesterol is the snake in the grass just waiting to take a bite of our ankles, injecting us with deadly poison.  Unfortunately, all off this hype and media attention has left more people confused than informed, and few people have a real understanding that there is a difference between good and bad fats.  Even worse, the human body needs fats to survive as desperately as a newborn needs milk.  Research studies for years have shown that cholesterol actually prolongs life expectancy.  The problem is few people understand what it all means and are unable to wrap their minds around the grave differences in the types of fats that are essential.

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